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The cricket world cup has arrived Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore and it is in safe hands of our .


It has been decided to continue with restrictions imposed in the Federal Budget on purchase of property and vehicles by non-filers with three exemptions.

National Assembly

Hard-hitting budget speech by in the National Assembly. “Everyone who voted for Naya Pakistan, for Tabdeeli, is disappointed by this status quo budget. Where is the 100 Days program? Where is the relief for the poor? The county cannot run on Chanda!


3-member special committee formed to ask for the explanation from over his controversial statement.

Finance Minister

Finance Minister speaks at the National Assembly. “We have to fix the mistakes of the past. This year we will spend more funds on development than what was spent in the previous year”, says Asad Umar.

Loudspeaker Act

Loudspeaker Act” Punishment– Whoever contravenes the provisions of section2, shall in addition to any other penalty to which he may be liable under any other law for the time being in force, be punished with simple imprisonment for a term which may extend to[3 months]


Gaddafi Stadium

Cricket World Cup Trophy tour to Pakistan Oct 3-4 LHR Oct 5-6 ISB Oct 7-8 KHI Oct 3: Sightseeing Bus from Gaddafi Stadium Main Gate at 1:30 pm On display for media at Gaddafi Stadium at 2:45 pm Oct 4: visit Government College University Travel to Wagha Border


Saudi king won’t last in power “for two weeks” without US support: Trump
Saudi king won’t last in power “for two weeks” without US support: Trump



Rana Mashhood has given an extremely irresponsible statement, will issue show cause notice today:

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