Twitter trending 17 October 2018 (Top 10 Hashtags )

Twitter trending 17 oct 2018


Minister of Law and Justice Farogh Naseem Addressing National Assembly of Pakistan, Islamabad (17.10.18)


It is the first time that an elected leader of the opposition has been arrested without any charges against him: President expresses views at


hanged. Good. However, the pain Zainab’s family has endured cannot be comprehended. I hope and pray, that this hanging brings some peace to the family. Rot in hell Imran. May All Rapists & Sexual Predators Rot In Hell. Aameen

khursheed shah

Khursheed Shah” No sir you are absolutely wrong rather unprecedented looting by politicians since 1977 directly impacted the economy and destroyed it threadbare. ‘Political situation has a direct impact on the economy,’ says Khursheed Shah


We are getting ready to head out to lobby because of staff and students


The case for digitalization needs no winning arguments. Nations becoming increasingly digital have experienced growth and productivity in their economies and businesses, leading to more jobs, higher levels of innovation, and a better quality of life.

Bilal Asif

LUNCH! Bilal Asif removes Paine, bringing to an end an excellent session for the hosts. Australia lost five wickets in the morning and Pakistan will be keen to take a huge first innings lead by cleaning up the tail later.

Yasir Shah

Bilal Asif and Yasir Shah add to the good work of Mohammad Abbas, leaving Australia at 91/7 on Day 2 in Abu Dhabi.





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