Twitter trending 10 October 2018 (Top 10 Hashtags )

Twitter trending 17 oct 2018


“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light.”


Those who abused the have locked the , says Hamza Shehbaz while addressing PML-N’s protest outside Punjab Assembly


The prime minister Imran Khan appoints as

Mohammad Abbas

Third one for Mohammad Abbas! The fast bowler is on


The real tragedy for Senate started when someone like Mushahid Ullah was elected a Senator. He is deliberately provoking situations to attract attention and to derail debates. There is enough evidence to point towards his “Life Long Nepotism” which he wants to suppress


Someday this man will be standing in the crowd with you, possibly sharing a bus during a local trip with you, discussing politics or cricket with you he was with you, you never knew that he’ll be with you but you don’t know. That’s why they’re our love.


we hope PTI’s policy to build 5 million houses succeeds but we should not ignore reality, Government will need Rs.180 billion for this project and that’s enough for building 13 Daimer-Basha dams, says Former Finance Minister


At least five people, including two British citizens, have died in Mallorca after the island was hit by flash flooding. More than 220 liters of rain fell on the area in just two hours


I hope everything hyuna and hyojong went through changes dating culture in kpop posting couple pics on Instagram is not something to be shamed or hated or kicked out for and it should be viewed that way. idols are not products made to fit and normalize obsessive fan behavior.

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