Famous Tiktok Heartthrob Danial khan died in a car accident

Danial khan who was the cutest Pakistani Tiktok muser died last night in a terrible car accident. Danial was driving his car safe until he lost his balance and the car hit with the truck which led to his accidental death.

Danial khan was a man with good soul who always used to smile and laugh around. He always spread positivity and we rarely saw him making sad videos. He was of the opinion that life is to be spend happily.

His last video Prayer for His Mother

“Sun mere khuda! Main rahun ya na, Meri Maa ka tu rakhna khayal”

Danial also added a video to his account with a caption “God! Plz take me” and God took him

“Hasta hua Jaunga aur Royi gi yeh dunya” The world is literally crying for the loss it faced.

Watch Video of Danial khan met with a terrible accident

Our prayers with the Family of Danial. Allah danial ki Bakhshish Farmaye! Ameen

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