To all the Chai (Tea) lovers- Know how you can recover the damage Tea has made to your bodies.

Being a Pakistani, the habit of drinking tea is something that lies in our blood. An average Pakistani drinks a minimum of 3-5 cups of tea per day which is absolutely dangerous.

As we all know that Tea contains caffeine which although adds relaxation to our minds but also affects our thinking, alertness and increase urine output. Black tea on an empty stomach adds acidity to your stomach which in turn makes you bloated and fat and you definitely don’t want that so here is how you can recover the damage black tea has done to you


To recover the tea damage, Water is what should always come to your rescue. For one cup of tea, drink two glasses of water. Also never drink tea on empty stomach, drink water before drinking tea


Water will help minimize the effect of black tea and will also reduce the sugar levels of body gotten high by sugar in tea.

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