Qandeel Baloch Murder Case- Brother sentenced to life

Qandeel baloch Murder case

Multan- Court in Multan announced a life sentence to Muhammad Waseem brother of Qandeel Baloch on Friday 27 Sep, 2019. Qandeel Baloch was killed by her brother to which court gave him the order of Life time imprisonment. Six others including Mufti Abdul Qavi, Qandeel Baloch other two brothers, Aslam shaheen and Arif were acquitted in the case

Qandeel Baloch was a famous Social media star who feared no one and did what her heart wanted her too. Qandeel Baloch moves were called to be bold and she was unique and different of her kind. Qandeel Baloch life story was also portrayed by Saba Qamar in her super hit drama Baaghi

Qandeel Baloch was killed by brother in the name of honor-“Ghairat” in Punjab on her visit to her parents’ house in 2016. Qandeel’s father Muhammad Azeem. Waseem also confessed that he killed Qandeel because she brought disrespect to the name of Baloch” Due to her bold videos and statements posted on social media, Qandeel another brother Shaheen was also nominated in the case

Qandeel Parents in August filed an affidavit in court saying they had forgiven the killer of the daughter and the case should be closed but trial court rejected the request and sentenced Muhammad Waseem.

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