Famous Pushto Singer Nazia Iqbal new Fatwa, Denies being divorced

Nazia Iqbal has a new fatwa from her personal molvi about her controversial divorce which was introduced to media through a video posted by ShumalNewz.com where nazia Iqbal in all her senses happily asked for divorce from husband Javeed fiza and he divorced her.

Read now to know more about Nazia iqbal and Javeed fiza’s divorce

But Nazia Iqbal has a new theory about divorce and let me tell u what it is. According to her the divorce given by javeed fiza to her on video call is counted as one time divorce and 2 are still left. Says Nazia Iqbal mufti

Nazia Iqbal now claims just one time being divorced by husband Javeed fiza and while two are still left, she claims to be still Javeed Fiza’s wife.

Watch the video now.

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