Spotted Nazia Iqbal in Niqab with Javeed fiza outside gym in london

Nazia Iqbal And Javed Fiza were are making headlines since their divorce video went viral on the internet where Nazia Iqbal in all her senses happily asked for divorce from her husband Javeed Fiza and javeed fiza divorced her. But the divorce events took a shocking turn when Nazia Iqbal on a phone call with someone denied being divorced and then reunited again with her husband  and said it was just the heat of the moment.They Claimed that Mufti told us that you said 3 times which will count as 1st. Now if you say again in mistake it will count as 2nd Divorce, and then 3rd. So there divorced is taken back again

Watch this video to know more

Now Nazia iqbal Start doing Niqab outside to avoid people. You can see Nazia Iqbal wearing Niqab in this picture.This exclusive picture was taken when they were coming back from Gym in london.

Watch Nazia Iqabl in all her senses Happily ask for divorce from her husband Javeed fiza

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