Muhsin Abbas Haider Proven Guilty of domestic Violence on his wife by Lahore local Court

Actor Mushin Abbas has been Proven Guilty of Threating and Beating his wife Fatima Sohail by a local court in Lahore on Wednesday 28 August, 2019. Mushin Abbas Haider married Fatima Sohail in 2015 and earlier this year on July 21, Fatima sohail shared a post of Muhsin Abbas Cheating and beating her. She also shared some photos as evidence but at that time Muhsin Abbas denied all the allegations. Fatima also claimed Muhsin having affair with TV actor Nazish Jahangir and their soon to be married news has already gone viral on the internet.


Adnan Tariq, Haider’s lawyer, said that the police found out that the witnesses mentioned in the fraud case weren’t present when the dealing occurred. “The prosecution failed to present any witnesses and evidence in the case,” he told the media. Says Sama TV sources.


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