Know at The News Viewz, What Exactly Shiyas do on Muharram 9 and 10

As Muharram 9 being observed today and 10 to observed tomorrow, know what exactly Shiyas do on these two days

Activities on Muharram 9:

  • Attend Majlis and juloos in order to listen to historical tragic stories of Karbala
  • All men and women segregate to offer zuhar prayer during zuhar
  • Ziyarat of Shabeeh e Zuljanah (Imam Hussain’s ride) is performed after prayer after which they pray to Allah and recall the hardships of the family of Imam Hussain(A.S).
  • Niyaz is arranged for all the shiyas attending juloos and majlis
  • Offers nawafil specified for the night of Ashura
  • Recitation of Surah e ikhlas as according to their Imam the surah is one of Allah’s favourite
  • Practice Faqah and do not eat anything from fajr to zuhr
  • Listening to the Azaan e Ali Akbar as the son of Imam was moazaan at the that time and it was his last azan before Shahdat

Activities on Muharram 10:

  • Ziarat e Ashoorah which is a salam to Imam Hussain and his companions is recited at zuhr
  • After the zyarat everyone gathers for niyas to break their faqah
  • Shame e ghareeban is observed at the night of 10 Muharram during which everyone listen to the sahadat of male members

In order to compensate for the trouble faced during karbala, the shiyas beat themselves to death on Muharram 9 and 10





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