Justice For Nimrita, Nimrita Killed or She did suicide?

Pakistani Hindu Minority Medical Student Nimrita kumri was found dead in her hostel room at 2pm in Hostel number 3. Nimrita Kumari, a student of the Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Medical University’s (SMBBMU) Bibi Aseefa Dental College which also known as Chandka Medical College) was found dead on Monday

The university administration claims that Nimrita hanged herself from the ceiling fan in her room but her Brother Vishal says that Nimrita had no reason to do suicide but instead she was murdered.He added that he called Nimrita few days before and asked her if she had any problem but Nimrita said that she was Perfectly fine. Nimrita was distributing sweets 90 minutes prior to her death. Dr Vishal questions what possibly could have happened in 90 minutes that led her to die?

Nimrita’s brother Dr Vishal, a medical consultant in Dow Medical College in Karachi, told the media that the marks around her neck suggested that she had not committed suicide. He had further claimed that the marks on her neck looked like those made by cable wires, while the wounds on her arms suggested that someone was holding her down. Reported by Dawn news

Nimrita’s uncle said that they wanted an investigation into why her body was kept in CMC’s intensive care unit before the family reached the hospital. He accused the doctors of being involved in the “murder” and questioned why a post-mortem examination had not been conducted. Reported Dawn news

Dr Vishal denied the suicide reports and said that he want to do a private Postmortem at his own cost because he doubts some big party involved in the report and the reports are fake and altered.

According to the principal of Larkana’s Chandka Medical College, Professor Dr K. Das Dholia, the initial postmortem report ascertained the cause of Kumari’s death to be suicide.The initial post-mortem report also confirmed there were no indication or marks of torture on her body, Professor Dholia added, noting further that samples from Kumari’s body were sent to labs in Karachi and Larkana.The principal explained that an investigation had been launched and the truth could only be ascertained once the lab tests were available.Added Gulf news.

PPP leader Nisar Khuhro told reporters that a post-mortem examination of Nimrita’s body has been carried out and that the report would determine whether she was murdered or had committed suicide. Khuhro said that the police were investigating the case “from all angles” and added that police will take strict action if it turns out to be a murder case.


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