People All over the World came forward to Praise Imran Khan on his speech at UNGA 2019

Imran khan speech at UNGA 2019

From Celebrities, to Cricketers. From politicians to local everyone took it to their social media accounts to Praise Imran Khan speech at UN General Assembly 74th session. Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran khan delivered a historical speech at 74 session of UNGA 2019 on Friday September 27, 2019. Imran khan in his speech represented Pakistan, Islam and he raised voice for Kashmir in its true means to which people from all over the world came forward to Praise him.

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Have a look at what people had to say about Imran khan speech

Never Mess with my Country

Best hai!

Best Selection Ever!

Lol! True


Very true

And He Fought

Imran khan is the best thing that happened to Pakistan


Locals Reaction to Imran khan speech

Love From Kashmiri Boy


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