Motivational Speaker Hammad Safi falls victim to Al Shifa Hospital due to their irresponsible acts


“Was Hamad body torn out of no reason or did he actually had an appendix so why was he given a clean chit then?” keep reading to know

Hammad Saafi Admitted in Hospital. Click to know more

Pakistan 12 year youngest motivational speaker, writer, Freelancer, and lecturer at Peshawar University Hamad Safi had an appendix operation at Al Shifa hospital Islamabad but Hammad Safi after his successful operation took his Facebook account and asked few questions from the administration of Al shifa hospital as he shared his operation story.

As said by Hammad Safi in his Facebook post, he had a severe stomachache due to which he was taken to Al Shifa hospital but doctors at Al Shifa hospital gave him a clean chit claiming he was perfectly fine. Soon after three days hammad again encountered pain and he was taken once again to the hospital and doctors said that his appendix has been busted and he need immediate operation

Hammad operation was done with the help of latest razor technology but Hammad questions that why his body was torn when exact 3 days before doctors gave him a clean chit? And if he actually had an appendix then why doctors put his life at stack? Little Hammad questions the administration and ask for prayers.

We wish Hammad Safi a good health.

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