Girl had her first period on road and what the boy did to her.

The process of menstruation or commonly name as periods is faced by every girl as a sign of their womanhood but what happens when you have your very own first period and that too on road. We at The news viewz will tell you a story of a girl who had her first period on road and what happened with her after that, well read on to know more.

A teenage girl was passing by on the road when she suddenly had her first period. The blood started to scroll down her legs and her clothes had accumulated blood near her bottoms. When she was passing by the road she at first became the victim of humiliation by all men and women passing by and no one dared to feel pity on the poor girl who had her first period and was badly in need of help. The girl felt insulted and she sat on the scooter nearby and cried her heart out

This is when the boy came to the scene, girl was sitting on the boy’s scooter and he came and ask her to take off because he had to go somewhere and she was sitting on his bike. When the boy saw the girl crying he asked her that “sister, why are you crying”. The boy boosted her lovingly so the girl can share her problem with him. The girl showed him her period blood accumulated dress and the boy got her problem. He asked her to wait and approach a female nearby and told her to help. The female asked her to bring some pads from a nearby shop so that she can help her.

The lady went to the girl, consoled her and told her to get up. She cleaned the marks of the blood that were left on boy’s scooter and helped the girl do safe packing.

She then called the boy and he took her off to taxi, payed the taxi driver and made her safely reach home.

Such kind of stories and incidents proves that humanity still exists and it’s alive. We are proud of what the boy did. Are you too? Let us know through comments.


Girl had her first period on road and what the boy did to her

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