Earth Quake devastates Pakistan’s Northern Areas, leaves dozens dead

Earthquake devastates Pakistan’s Northern Areas, leaves dozens dead

Today in the evening the earthquake of about 5.8 magnitude in northern side of Pakistan including some places of Punjab, KPK, and Azad and Jammu Kashmir. This severe earthquake results into many deaths. On the bases of the US Geological survey the 22 kilometers (14 miles) north area of the Jhelum is hit by this earthquake.

Pakistan’s adviser meteorologist Muhammad Riaz instructed AFP so a great deal “the worst hit” was once Mirpur in AJK. Local disaster management officers suggested Al Jazeera that had been however competition reviews beside the site of the earthquake alternatively had acquired phrase about damage to infrastructure.

Tahir Mahmood, a greatest cop reliable of Rawalakot, respecting 80km (50 miles) past Mirpur, cautioned as “there is a lot on damage according to infrastructure.” He added, “No casualties so yet. Roads appear after endure flourished cracks and submerged down. Lots on vehicles were forged around.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed grief upon the losses while AJK high minister reduce short his Lahore and rushed lower returned domestic beneath the earthquake wreaked destruction of Kashmir. Pakistan Meteorological Department’s earthquake center cited the earthquake reasonable 5.8 on the Richter attain and its depth used to be at ten kilometers.

The Earthquake has badly affected MirPur- Azad Kashmir

Meanwhile, the army soldier hold additionally been transmitted to the location to assist the untimely administration into comfort activities.

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