BaichayeKashmir Trends on Twitter as Patwari’s accused Imran khan of Selling Kashmir at UNGA 2019


Baich aye kashmir became a Trend on Twitter as Followers of PMLN and PPP couldn’t digest Imran khan words at 74th session of UN General Assembly. Earlier in the morning Bilalawal Buttho Zardadari added in his talk to media that he is not satisfied with Imran Khan Speech at UNGA 2019. Bilawal also added that Khan needed some serious preparations for the speech and Khan didn’t raised Kashmir issue properly

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran khan delivered a historical speech at 74 session of UNGA 2019 on Friday September 27, 2019. Imran khan in his speech represented Pakistan, Islam and he raised voice for Kashmir in its true means to which people from all over the world came forward to Praise him

People from all over the world Praised Imran khan

However the Patwari’s of Pakistan accused Imran khan of Selling Kashmir at UNGA 2019


Who sell kashmir? We question

Well some people just couldn;t digest truth so they speak like this

Imran khan supporters replied to accusations by asking “How the hell did Imran Khan sold Kashmir”?

Nice Clap Back

4 points

Indeed its a shameful Propegenda

Kitna gir Gaye aik shaks ko girane k liye

Well said

Indeed Clear!

PM Imran speech at UNGA 2019 Highlights and we do not see any kind of selling made in it.


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