Motivational Speaker Hammad Safi falls victim to Al Shifa Hospital due to their irresponsible acts


“Was Hamad body torn out of no reason or did he actually had an appendix so why was he given a clean chit then?” keep reading to know Hammad Saafi Admitted in Hospital. Click to know more Pakistan 12 year youngest motivational speaker, writer, Freelancer, and lecturer at Peshawar University Hamad Safi had an appendix operation at Al Shifa hospital…

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Pakistan Youngest Motivated Speaker Hammad Safi admitted in Hospital

Hammad safi

Youngest Pakistani Motivational speaker, Freelancer and lecturer at Peshawar University Hammad Safi is admitted in Hospital. Hamad Safi is a 12 year old Youngest Motivational speaker and is the first super kid of Pakistan. Hammad Safi was taken to Al shifa hospital Islamabad as his appendix busted. Operation has been successfully done through laser technology. Hamad Safi took it to…

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BaichayeKashmir Trends on Twitter as Patwari’s accused Imran khan of Selling Kashmir at UNGA 2019


Baich aye kashmir became a Trend on Twitter as Followers of PMLN and PPP couldn’t digest Imran khan words at 74th session of UN General Assembly. Earlier in the morning Bilalawal Buttho Zardadari added in his talk to media that he is not satisfied with Imran Khan Speech at UNGA 2019. Bilawal also added that Khan needed some serious preparations…

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People All over the World came forward to Praise Imran Khan on his speech at UNGA 2019

Imran khan speech at UNGA 2019

From Celebrities, to Cricketers. From politicians to local everyone took it to their social media accounts to Praise Imran Khan speech at UN General Assembly 74th session. Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran khan delivered a historical speech at 74 session of UNGA 2019 on Friday September 27, 2019. Imran khan in his speech represented Pakistan, Islam and he raised voice…

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Bill Gates and Melinda Gates signed an MOU with Pakistan to support Ehsas Programme

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates Foundation signed an MOU with Pakistan to support Ehsas Programme in order to help eradicate poverty in Pakistan. Under the Memorandum an amount of 200 million dollars will be given to Pakistan. Memorandum signed by both parties during a meeting at New York PM Imran Khan said Ehsaas is the biggest anti-poverty project, it has…

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