Motivational Speaker Hammad Safi falls victim to Al Shifa Hospital due to their irresponsible acts


“Was Hamad body torn out of no reason or did he actually had an appendix so why was he given a clean chit then?” keep reading to know Hammad Saafi Admitted in Hospital. Click to know more Pakistan 12 year youngest motivational speaker, writer, Freelancer, and lecturer at Peshawar University Hamad Safi had an appendix operation at Al Shifa hospital…

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Pakistan Youngest Motivated Speaker Hammad Safi admitted in Hospital

Hammad safi

Youngest Pakistani Motivational speaker, Freelancer and lecturer at Peshawar University Hammad Safi is admitted in Hospital. Hamad Safi is a 12 year old Youngest Motivational speaker and is the first super kid of Pakistan. Hammad Safi was taken to Al shifa hospital Islamabad as his appendix busted. Operation has been successfully done through laser technology. Hamad Safi took it to…

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