Pakistani actors Imran Abbas and Fawad Khan nominated world’s 100 Most Handsome Faces’

imran fawad

The two Pakistani stars “Fawad Khan” and Imran Abbas both are nominated as top 100 handsome faces in the world. Both stars attracted their fans by their killer looks and famous among girls. As they both are doing Bollywood projects and have managed their global impact. Although both the actors didn’t really select to become actors, at initial stage Fawad…

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Twitter trending 17 October 2018 (Top 10 Hashtags )

Twitter trending 17 oct 2018

#NationalAssembly Minister of Law and Justice Farogh Naseem Addressing National Assembly of Pakistan, Islamabad (17.10.18) #NationalAssembly is not a court of law and cannot declare NAB’s proceedings lawful or unlawful: Law Minister Faroogh Naseem responds to Opposition Leader’s address at lower house — Radio Pakistan (@RadioPakistan) October 17, 2018 Opposition Leader Shahbaz Sharif thanked the speaker #NationalAssembly for…

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